General Directorate of Nationality

The National ID is considered as a primary means to protect homeland security and it is crucial for identifying illegal aliens and for protection against illegal immigrants. Therefore, all countries took enormous efforts in its automation and used high bleeding edge technologies and systems to automate ID registry and production to track the registry of residents as well as resident aliens, therefore the ID is an important tool to protect national identity.

The issuance of the National ID is based on the 1957 Civil Status records which are reliable and approved by the Iraqi Government since its adoption for personal records in 1962. In order to automate the civil status records and issue National ID from it after unifying it with the Iraqi Citizenship Certificate and the Residency Card into one card, the General Directorate for Nationality was formed to issue National ID Cards with very high security features through the use of advanced systems such as the Civil Registry System and the Unified Database which includes citizens and legal residents. The General Directorate for Nationality aims at:

  1. Building a Unified National Database which includes all Iraqi citizens and legal residents.
  2. Granting a National Number for every Iraqi citizen which is unique and a key for record relationships within the Unified Database.
  3. Issuing a modern National ID which is very difficult to counterfeit for all Iraqi citizens and legal residents.
  4. Evolving the current Civil Registry system from manual into electronic.
  5. Using the National ID as the basis for passport issuance.