Duties and Activities

General Directorate for Nationality Responsibilities:

This Directorate implements the following laws:

1. Citizenship Act No. 26 of 2006.

2. Civil Status Law No. 65 of 1972 as amended.

3. Passport Law No. 32 of 1999, as amended.

4. Residency Law No. 18 of 1978, as amended.

5. Commercial Housing Regulatory Act No. 95 of 1978, as amended.

The directorate implements these laws through the following activities:

Firstly: In the area of Civil Status:

1. Grant Identity Card (ID Card) for the first time, replacement of lost or renewal.

2. Issuance of administrative decisions relating to the correction of records such as cancellation, addition, and others.

3. Judicial decisions related to altering names, titles, and birth records.

4. Registration of birth and death events that occur inside and outside Iraq in the records of the Civil Status of year 1957.

5. Registering Marriage, Divorce, and Annulment in the records of Civil Status of year 1957.

6. Manage transactions such as Change of Residence, Internal Migration, and moving civil records between the civil registration services.

7. Implementation of the decisions issued by the specialized courts.

Secondly: In the area of Citizenship:

1. Granting Certification of Iraqi Nationality to the children of the Iraqi father and mother.

2. Granting Iraqi citizenship by naturalization for aliens.

3. Granting Iraqi citizenship through acquisition for foreign .

4. Granting Iraqi citizenship for foreign wives of Iraqi citizens .

5. Granting citizenship to foreign husbands of Iraqi citizens.

6. Withdrawal of the Iraqi citizenship from naturalized citizens if acquired by fraud .

7. Withdrawal of the Iraqi citizenship from naturalized citizens if he commits acts that prejudice the security of the country .

8. Pastoral support as requested by the Iraqi government departments.

Thirdly: In the area of Passports:

1. Issuance of regular passports (machine readable) .

2. Issuance of diplomatic and service passports (machine readable).

3. Issuance of passports for sailors .

4. Issuance of passports of pilgrims .

5. The implementation of the travel bans for black listed citizens .

Fourth: In the area of Residence:

1. Granting VISA to foreigners to enter Iraq .

2. Granting Residence Permits to foreigners in Iraq .

3. Granting reentry VISA to eligible foreigners.

4. Granting arrival verification to foreigners within 10 days of entering Iraq .

5. Following up the residency and passport centers at border crossing points and directly supervising their work, and following up foreigners’ arrivals and departures.

Fifth: In the field of Organizing Places of Residence:

1. Issuance of Place of Residence Cards for the citizens.

2. Granting residence approvals for citizens .

3. Update the information found in the Information Card.

4. Tracking citizen’s internal migration between Baghdad and the provinces and vice versa.